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Your e-deas are different – that’s what it makes them so special.
Meet a team that will transform them into viable products.

Technology is a tool, not a goal

We love technology. We love what’s new and we love challenges. We’re always excited about the new development and new trends in software development. Those being said, we keep in mind that no matter how “sexy” a new technology is, it is still a tool, having the main purpose to deliver good software.

Adapt, adjust, improve

We like the short feedback cycles. So do expect to show you features and improvements quite often. Your feedback fuels our work and steers it into the right direction. Should we encounter technology pitfalls, or insufficient clarifications,  or even to better approaches then those thought before, we adjust to move forward.

Focus on what’s important

To meet the deadlines, sometimes we need to make difficult choices. For us, the choice is always to go for what’s important, not for what’s easy.

We deliver

As projects grow complex and requirements go more and more high-level, it is, sometimes, easy to lose sight of the important deadlines. We strive to always keep an eye on the delivery dates, so that your project goes live when you need it to.

What we do

Web apps. Mobile apps. Agile development.

We offer highly dedicated services in developing a wide range of digital areas:

Custom web solutions

From full-scale web applications to features and improvements to your existing solutions, we can provide top-level expertise, efficient problem-solving techniques and reliable workforce. Working with experts is not only more rewarding, but also more cost-effective on the long run.

Mobile apps

Mobility is already a day-to-day reality. And creating a mobile app, be it for Google Play or AppStore, is now easier than ever. We shall work with you in developing ideas, prototyping, programming, production, testing and release. With over 30 apps in 7 languages, we know what it takes.

Websites, online shops, online campaigns

Nothing online is alien to us. We can develop your online presence respecting (or creating) your corporate identity, your values and preferences, in a seamless process. Your website shall be responsive and flexible, your online shop shall be robust, secure and user friendly, your online campaign shall be integrated, conversion-oriented and impactful.

About us

We love technology and love to find innovative solutions to complicated problems. Since 2006, we have focused on understanding our clients’ needs and visions, yet making sure we deliver quality software on time.

Having a small, but tech-savvy team of 25+, we provide agile solutions and innovative services to our clients, whether they are in USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, France, UK, Bulgaria or Romania.

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We strive to be up-to-date with our tech competencies, and we can provide expertise in the following:

How we work

Our work style maps our clients’. However, when we do have a say, we prefer working with SCRUM:

1. Requirements analysis.  These can be detailed specifications, high-level specifications or just an idea. We devise a roadmap and a timeline for the project implementation

2. High level prototype creation, working demo or user stories. Then we validate with you the concept we are about to implement

3. Setup phase. We set up the dev environment, the ticketing system and the continuous integration tools (if needed).

4. Development phase. We run the sprints. These are usually 2-3 weeks of sustained development and testing. At the end of each sprint, we’ll show you our progress and prioritize issues for the next one. It is crucial that we deliver new features after each iteration: this is the only way to get important, relevant feedback from you as soon as possible.

5. Rollout phase. We test, prepare and deliver the final version of the app and perform (or help perform) the go-live. We provide documentation and training for the product.

6. Post-delivery support

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